I danced every week for a year, and THIS happened…

I am going to be completely honest with you, my reader: one year ago, I founded Ecstatic Dance Online with some selfish reasons in mind. Yes, I wanted to create a community of conscious dancers and I wanted to spread the healing, but I also wanted to dance myself.

I needed dance to be my practice. And here is the definition of practice as I understand it: actual application of an idea, belief, or method, as opposed to theories relating to it.

I believed that dance was my kind of practice and I started acting on that belief (as opposed to just theorizing). Once and for all I decided to dance regularly. And my life changed. 

Since January of 2021 I danced pretty much every Saturday. So, at the end of the year I got at least 2 hours a week of conscious dancing and energy exchange with my loving community. I danced majorly in a virtual space (via zoom), but I promise you, if you give it a chance it is as good as “real live dancing” (more about that in my next posts).

In this post I summarize the changes that I experienced as a dancer after making Ecstatic Dance my regular practice. And, hopefully, I can inspire you to do the same.


The first thing I noticed after starting dancing regularly was that my sleep pattern changed. I began to feel that my deep sleep improved and as the result of that I felt fresher every morning (the fitness bracelet that I use confirms this data).

Additionally, the process of falling asleep has become so much easier! Before doing Ecstatic Dance Online I used to have those nights, when I would lie restless for hours, thinking, worrying… without being able fall asleep. That happened quite regularly before dancing, but almost never after.

Physical Condition

My physical condition improved a lot. I will be honest with you, during all my life I was not able to bring myself to do any form of “traditional” exercising regularly (and believe me, it was not because of lack of trying). I have never been a big fan of the gym and I absolutely hate running. Dance was the perfect solution for me. Today I am able to maintain a regular practice easily, because I actually ENJOY it.

Dance is a whole-body exercise and now I feel stronger and more capable in my body than before.

Outdoor Ecstatic Dance

Emotional Wellbeing

Dancing allows me to express and process my emotions. When I do it regularly it is like a maintenance of my emotional being, it is a therapy. I can attest that during this year I’ve started some dances in an anxious state of mind, sometimes I was angry, sometimes I felt frustrated, but at the end of EVERY ecstatic journey I felt like a new person. Emotions were moved, expressed and danced. It works every single time. I promise.


And how many cool people I met this year! That’s just insane, when I actually think about it!
I got to dance and share with artists, performers, singers, DJs, designers, event organizers, consultants, doctors, farmers, managers, healers, martial arts practitioners, single mums, writers, musicians, pensioners, teenagers, kindergarteners and the list goes on and on and on…

The conversations we had are my personal treasures and the number of smiles and hugs and the amount of recognition, acceptance and love we gave each other is impossible to count. We shared a complete specter of emotions, we grieved and laughed together. This experience is probably the one that I cherish the most. I feel that I belong.


Last thing that I want to mention (but not least at all) is how much I enjoyed the music this year! How different it is to dance to your favorite tunes as opposed to just listening to them. How incredible it is to build embodied memories of joy and connection accompanied with music!

From now on I will experience all those amazing emotions when I listen to certain tunes, cause I created a long-lasting memory when I was dancing to them. In the video below you can see the beautiful proof that this kind of memories are almost indestructible.

Yes, that year was fascinating, and I will always cherish it in my heart! Thanks to all those experiences and the experience of my practice growing I harvested humongous amounts of energy and was able to kick-start several new projects this year and deepen my other wellbeing practices (you can read more of that in my personal Instagram). All that thanks to regular dancing.


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  1. Eve says:

    Totally relate and agree to all of that. Regular dancing keeps me motivated and uplifted and able to deal with challenges and anxiety so much better, and opens up new possibilities and opportunities. It’s like a sprinkling of magic dust over your life…

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